Access-MySQL Converter 3.1

Access-MySQL Converter is a powerful tool to convert Access to MySQL and vice versa. It provides you with a granular control over the conversion process like scheduling of conversion tasks, field selection, renaming of tables during conversion, command line support, and many more advanced features. (check out Access-MySQL full feature list) (check out Access-MySQL full feature list)

This useful tool can save you hours of your valuable time and is suitable for both beginners and experienced developers alike.


What's New in Version 3.1?

Access MySQL Converter version 3.1 introduces many new features as well as enhancing existing functionality introduced in previous versions. Listed below are the new features of version 3.1:

Full support for different character sets supported by MySQL 4.1 or higher New
Ability to save conversion tasks for later use.
Conversion tasks now are saved in a new enhanced file format (*.amt) that saves all task-related options for later use.
Task Manager is a new feature that allows you to view and manage your saved conversion tasks.
Data Filters is a very powerful feature that enables you to easily create custom data filters to convert only records that apply to those filters.
Enhanced special characters support.
You can choose the resulting Access database format (97, 2000-XP or 2003).
Enhanced logging capabilities to keep track of conversion tasks.
Enhanced Special characters support. You can select to replace any special characters either in database structure or the records with any characters you need.
Enhanced Synchronization support. Access-MySQL Converter now can update existing records of the target database if the target table has any unique row identifiers (Primary keys or unique indexes), This feature is supported when converting from Access to MySQL only.
Totally new and enhanced graphical user interface.

Main features:

Supports MS Access 97,2000,XP, 2003 and MySQL 3.x, 4.x and 5.x.
All common MySQL and Access data types and field attributes are supported.
Full support for converting indexes, Auto increment fields, composite primary keys and Constraints.
Support converting table relationships.
The ability to select only the tables you want convert.
The ability to select certain fields for each table to convert. New
You can choose either to convert to a new database, overwrite an existing one or append your tables to an existing database.
You can choose to convert both table structure and data or convert table structure only.
You can choose which records to convert through custom data filetrs. New
Supports both local and remote connections to MySQL server.
Support converts all white spaces or any special characters you choose in MS Access Database tables or field names to underscores "_" or any other character(s). For example, Automatically convert "Order Details" table to "Order_Details".
Command line support.
Support for scheduling conversion tasks to be performed automatically.
Support for Synchronization, Adding new records or fields if any to the target table, Access to MySQL only. Also support updating the same record values. New
Support for saving MySQL connection data so you don't have to enter them each time you run the wizard.
Support changing all field names case to UPPER, lower or Capitalize first letter only.
Support for converting NULL values to "Zeros" for numeric fields and to Empty string "" for string fields. Support to control how the data type for Access "datetime" fields are handled for each table, Convert it to Date, DateTime, Time or Year.
Support to choose whether to convert Indexes or not.
Support to choose target table type for MySQL. MyISAM, InnoDB, Heep, ISAM or BDB.
Introduces a new feature called Task Manager to enable you to manage your saved conversion tasks. New
Demo Limitations:

The Demo version of Access-MySQL Converter allows you to convert only the first five tables for any database and only the first five records for each table.
Converting table relationships is supported only in the full Version.
Distributing Access-MySQL:

For those who are interested in distributing Access-MySQL, please contact us at for details.



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I have been extremely pleased with your Access-MySQL Converter program. It is really fantastic and has saved me weeks and weeks of time. Congratulations on building such an excellent tool.

Adrian G. Klingel
Account Manager


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