Why Choose Access-MySQL Converter
Get Up and Running in just a few seconds:
The wizard style of Access-MySQL Converter makes it much easier for you to get up and running in just a few seconds. There is no need to waste your valuable time trying to figure out where to start or reading any help files, Access-MySQL Converter's interface is extremely intuitive. Just follow the wizard screens to get your database converted.
Keep your data integrity:
One of the key concepts of designing a robust database system is the integrity of its data. Such integrity is achieved through the proper design of field types, table indexes, Constraints and/or table relationships. One of the unique features of our product is its ability to migrate your integrity rules along with your converted database. Access-MySQL support converting table relationships, indexes.
Do it once and let Access-MySQL do it forever:
If you need to convert your database, MS Access or MySQL, on a time-based schedule then Access-MySQL is the one for you. With its new enhanced Scheduler, Access-MySQL enables you to schedule the whole conversion process to be automatically performed according to a time-based schedule. This great feature enables you to always keep both your source and target database synchronized.
Fine tune the conversion process:
For those database gurus who require more control over the conversion process, Access-MySQL Converter provides an advanced features form through which you can delve into the conversion details. You can select certain fields to convert, rename your tables, control special characters manipulation way and much more. However, our main focus is to keep the right balance between simplicity and power.
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I have been extremely pleased with your Access-MySQL Converter program. It is really fantastic and has saved me weeks and weeks of time. Congratulations on building such an excellent tool.

Adrian G. Klingel
Account Manager
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