Why choose Excel-MySQL:
Save your time and effort:
There's no need to waste your valuable time trying to figure out where to start or reading any help files. The Excel-MySQL Converter interface is extremely intuitive. Just follow the wizard screens to get your database converted. converted.
Do it once and let Excel-MySQL Converter do it forever:
If you need to convert from MySQL to Excel or vice versa, on time-based schedule then Excel-MySQL is the one for you. With its new enhanced Scheduler, Excel-MySQL enables you to schedule the whole conversion process to be automatically performed according to a time-based schedule.
Able to work even when remote connection is not allowed:
One of the good features of the converter is that it can store your Excel file in a PHP script, By running it once on your server you will be able to import your Excel file to your target MySQL server, even if the remote connection is denied.
Bidirectional conversion (MySQL-MS Excel)
Excel-MySQL converts any MySQL database to Excel and vice versa, unlike other similar data migration tools, which commonly perform only one-way conversion.
Be in control:
Excel-MySQL supports many advanced options that makes you control the whole conversion process. You can choose certain tables to convert and moreover you can select certain fields from each selected table. You can choose to convert to a new database, overwrite an existing one or append your tables to an existing database.
Command line support:
You can run Excel-MySQL from the command line. This would bypass the wizard and make it very easy for computer-illiterate people to do the conversion with a double-click.
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