Excel-MySQL Frequently Asked Questions:
The following are the most frequent issues that you might need to ask about. If you have any other inquiries or suggestions regarding Excel-MySQL Converter, please contact our support team.
Q: Are there any constraints on number of fields or number of records in the conversion process? I have some fairly large tables.
A: There are no limitations regarding the number of fields or number of records.
Q: I have previously created a scheduled task that runs every certain period of time. How can I disable, delete or edit this task?
A: Just open the Windows Control Panel, select Scheduled Tasks item. Then double click on the task you want to edit. This will open the Task Properties window where you can change the task settings. properties window where you can change the task settings.
Q: I am using Windows 2000/XP. What do I do if the task is created successfully but it doesn't run?
A: You probably forgot to supply you windows user name and password. In case of Windows XP or Windows 2000 the Windows Task Scheduler will not run the task unless you supply a username and password (Windows account) in the Task Properties window.
Q: I'm trying to convert a (local) Excel  file to a (remote) MySQL database. What value (and its format) should I put in the "Host" field when connecting to MySQL? Do I need to change the port number?
A: For a remote connection to MySQL server you should consider the following:
  • First, you should make sure that the remote server you are trying to connect to allows remote connections. Some serves disable remote connections for some security reasons.
  • If your server allows remote connections, you should ask for the exact connection info: Server name, user name, password and the used port number.
  • You should also make sure that you have enough privileges to Create/Drop tables or databases as required by the conversion process.
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