Excel-MySQL Converter Screen Shots
The following screen shots shows you a sample screens of Excel-MySQL Converter wizard:
Select conversion way:
This first step is to select the conversion direction. You can convert from any MS Excel file to MySQL server or vice versa.
Connect to MySql server:
In this step you should connect to your MySql server. Note that you can instruct Excel-MySQL Converter to remember your connection info so you don't have to enter them the next time. Connection data are saved in an encrypted way to protect your data from any unauthorized access.
Select tables you want to convert
In this step, you can select only tables that you want to convert
Select fields to be converted for each table:
Excel-MySql converter gives  you more control over the conversion process. Here you can select which fields to convert for each selected table in the previous step.
Conversion Options:
The "Conversion Options" step is designed to let you control how your MySql tables are converted to Excel. You can select either to migrate your tables into a new Excel File or into an existing one.
Schedule conversion:
Scheduling is one of the most powerful features of Excel-MySQL converter.This dialog gives you the ability to schedule the whole conversion process for automated execution later execution. It simply adds an entry to the windows "Scheduled Tasks" to run Excel-MySQl Converter every certain period of time that you determine.
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